5 Easy & Delicious Comfort Food Recipes Your Sweetheart Will Love

Raise your hand if you LOVE cooking for your Mr. or Mrs.! Now raise your hand if you’d love to but you’re no Martha Stewart in the kitchen if you know what I mean (um… guilty.) Well, don’t let that stop you from treating your loved one to a tasty, home-cooked meal from time to time made by yours truly. With the help of our friends at Cuisinart, we’re sharing a bunch of super easy and super delicious comfort food recipes that anyone will love – whether your S.O. is salty or sweet! Keep on reading for 5 simple-to-make dishes that are perfect for any occasion, from a wedding anniversary to a birthday… or for no reason at all!



You can’t go wrong with a breakfast comfort food classic! Want to whip up some Pinterest-worthy waffles for your S.O. but have no clue where to start? Easy – Cuisinart’s Round Classic Waffle Maker does the job for you! Get those perfectly round and golden waffles every time without fail, guaranteed. We’ll have your hub thinkin’ you’re the Barefoot Contessa in no time.

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