At home with Shiva Rose from Anais + Dax

Captured by Anais + Dax, this particular home is a rest for weary eyes. Located in the west end of Los Angeles, Shiva Rose‘s haven is one I could stare at for an indefinite amount of time. I’m not kidding… it could get awkward. Just taking in the lush gardens, the crisp white walls and eclectic mix of fabulous furniture finds already fills me with a serious sense of ease and tranquility. It simply feels like home. Check-out the rest of the images in the gallery.

From Anais & Dax… We photographed Shiva Rose for the 2012 Winter Issue of Edible Westside. We are regular photo contributors to the “Neighborhood Dirt” section of the magazine, which brings us to discover beautiful homes on the West Side of Los Angeles. Each house reflects its owners personality, and Shiva’s house was a perfect example. Tucked away in the green canyons and mountains of the Pacific Palisades, the house is a bright and quiet haven.

Here are some words from the Magazine Editor, Linzy May Mahoney… Shiva is a mother of two girls, Colette and Charlotte, and is both an actor and an activist. Heavily involved with human rights organizations, she has founded a local program to feed the homeless, called Resource, is a sponsor for the Violence Intervention Program, has been asked to be a spokesperson for the Refugee Program with Amnesty International and is a volunteer at CCFA, Caring for Children with AIDS. Along with her many commitments, Shiva works on her blog, sharing her garden, and other discoveries, with her many readers. Nestled under a canopy of trees, her winter garden is home to everything from fava beans, to cauliflower, to broccolini. Fresh eggs from her chicken are also one of her many delights, and a sweet white bunny keeps everyone company.

Photography: Anais & Dax | Magazine: Edible WestSide | Subject: Shiva Rose

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