Bridesmaid Gowns by Donna Morgan and Color Trends!

When I was a little girl, playing dress up equaled putting on the longest, most glamorous gown I could get my little hands on; often from my mom’s closet. And you know what? Things haven’t changed all that much. I still feel my prettiest when I’m wearing a gown. Except this time it’s from my own closet or in this case, from the gown maven that is Donna Morgan. I’ve said it before and I will probably say it a thousand more times, Donna Morgan knows dresses, and the latest trend in long gowns for Bridesmaids has found its stylish match.


Weddings are the perfect excuse to get fancy, and with a resurgence in an all out classic affair, putting your favorite ladies in a gown fits right into that equation. Donna Morgan offers seven glorious styles to choose from that can easily be mixed in a variety of silhouettes for versatility. From a line-up of Bridesmaids all in one perfect style of gown to a combination of knee-length and long styles or even letting your maid of honor stand out by having her wear the same silhouette as the bridesmaids but in a longer version, you can really be creative in your approach to Bridesmaid ware. And that creativity doesn’t stop at the hem-line. It goes right on through to the color options.


Donna Morgan offers over fifteen colorways to be exact, which means plenty of options to cater to every bride’s vision. Whether that vision is monochromatic, different hues of a particular color palette or a rainbow of colors. Pastels, for instance, are a fabulous way to have your girls in different colors while still maintaining a cohesive looking bridal party. With a variation of colors in the same shade, it really creates a beautiful story. One of my favorites for this season – and definitely on trend for Spring 2013 – is mint, and Donna Morgan is on that color train with three fabulously minty options: Hint of Mint, Gulfstream and  Spearmint. Mint is incredibly flattering for all skin tones and with three different options, it allows a great mix and match for your wedding party.

Also on trend this season and sitting pretty in Donna Morgan’s color options is peach and peach’s pretty cousin coral. They’re so popular in fact that Donna Morgan has selections like Peach Fuzz and Honeysuckle in their collection of core colors. And we can’t go without giving a shout out to Donna Morgan’s fabulous shades of purple. They are the perfect option for a spring, summer or fall wedding and Amethyst and Grape are at the top of our favorites list for perfect year-round colors.

So there you have it. We love Donna Morgan short and we especially love Donna Morgan long. Have a look at all the gorgeous styles in 15 shades of color perfection and get ready to play dress up. Just one suggestion: twirling is a must.


Photography: Trent Bailey Photography / Styling: Jacqueline Weppner of Merci New York / Location: The Surrey Hotel


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