DIY Gold-Dipped Marble Eggs

These gold-dipped marble eggs are so easy you could honestly do them blindfolded. With a few ingredients (that you probably already have on hand), and some gold paint (you know how much we love our sparkle) you can instantly add some luxe to your Easter eggs. I promise you’ll be feeling fancy with these bad boys in no time flat. Check out the full-how to below!


Grape juice
White Vinegar
White eggs
Glass or metal bowl
Gold paint


step-1 Hard boil or blow out your eggs. (If hard boiled, keep in mind these eggs will not be edible later. If blown out, you will need to place something on top of the bowl to keep the eggs covered in the dye).

step-2 Mix equal parts grape juice & vinegar in a bowl, enough to submerge your eggs. Place eggs in the bowl and leave overnight.

step-3 The next day, remove eggs from the bowl and rinse off. Use a paper towel to rub away the foamy layer, revealing the marbled surface.

step-4 Dip egg partially into a cup of gold paint. Place upside-down in egg carton to dry.

step-5 Place in a bowl on your Easter table to enjoy!

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