SMP at Home: Oscar Party DIY’s from Ruth Eileen Photography & Poppy Love Weddings

My very favourite type of DIY is one that appears intricate and time consuming, but in reality is a breeze to throw together. Ruth & Maya have put together this cute-as-pie glittery starburst, while Chelsey designed these adorable (downloadable!) Oscar ballots & ballot bags just for us. Oh, and bonus? They both just so happen to fall into this category. They are truly a cinch to throw together and instantly add some serious party flare. Whip em’ up in a quick minute and your guests are sure to be impressed.


3” Styrofoam balls, cut in half
Wooden toothpicks (square with round tip works best)
Gold spray paint
Spray adhesive
Fine gold glitter


1. Begin by cutting the styrofoam balls in half to create two domes.

2. Working clockwise, insert toothpicks into the base of the styro dome about a quarter inch apart.

3. Keep inserting the toothpicks while alternating spacing until the dome is completely covered.

4. Using the gold spray paint in a well-ventilated area, give the dome a good coating of color (this usually takes two coats).

5. Once the paint has dried, spray the starburst with adhesive and quickly coat in glitter.

6. Enjoy!



Letter sized cardstock
Letter sized paper
Hole punch
Glittery ribbon (though any string, twine or ribbon will do)
Double sided tape (or glue)
Free printable Oscar Ballots (download them here!)
Free printable Oscar Ballot Bags (download them here!)


For the Ballots:
1. Print the downloadable Oscar ballots onto a letter sized sheet of cardstock.

2. Carefully cut each ballot card out along the dotted grey line

3. Arrange the cards in order and punch a hole in the top

4. Tie them together with your pretty ribbon, string or twine


For the Ballot Bags:
1. Print the downloadable Oscar ballot bags onto a letter sized sheet of paper

2. Cut around the edges as noted

3. Fold back the two sides and secure using double sided tape (or glue) where noted on the template

4. Place a small piece of double sided tape (or glue) along the bottom, inside the bag, to seal it shut.

5. Fold the bottom edge and place one more piece of double sided tape (or glue) to ensure it’s secure.


For the Game:
1. Place the ballot cards in the ballot bags and hand one out to each guest.

2. Have everyone mark their guesses in each category using the little squares provided.

3. If their prediction matches the Academy’s choice, have them colour in the statue next to that category.

4. At the end of the ceremony, count how many Oscars each person has to determine the winner!


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography / Styling & Design: Poppy Love Weddings / Oscar Ballot Game: Chelsey Emery Design Boutique

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