The Blueprints for My 6 Week Dining Room Overhaul

October 18, 2018

Are you ready for some serious mood boarding? I am so excited to dive into all the pretty pieces going into this dining room revamp. It is One Room Challenge Week 3 and the space is currently half-painted, being prepped for wallpaper and lighting installation and a tad off schedule. (eek!) But what fun is [...]

Head to Toe Blueprints for Styling a Classic Themed Wedding

October 7, 2018

Classic. It’s a word that has so many meanings. Rooted in tradition. Built around etiquette. Ceremony. Simplicity. Having written about and been a part of the wedding industry for the better part of 15 years though, the word classic has assumed a far different, far more broad intention than ever before. We feature whimsical, personality [...]

Blueprints on How to Have a Garden Wedding

September 22, 2018

When I think about Style Me Pretty and the kinds of weddings that we just naturally gravitate towards…they are usually outdoors, filled with soft pretty colors, big beautiful blooms and details that feel both timeless and modern. But, those beautiful al fresco celebration aren’t always as simple as they seem online. So today, we have [...]