Traditional Persian Wedding at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, California

April 16, 2019

Oh, Roza and Justin—you are couple goals and your fete is wedding goals! For those reading today, let me preface by saying this wedding will knock. your. socks. off. It’s a blend of modern romance with tradition in the form of the Bride & Groom’s Iranian heritage—thanks to Charmed Events Group and Fancy Little Details. There are 200 [...]

Nantucket Meets California In This Family Beach Retreat

April 4, 2019

Surfer vibes were the goal when refreshing this family’s Nantucket summer getaway, and that’s where Sasha Meredith Designs came in! The designers removed the old 1990′s interiors to make way for neutral tones, shiplap, and cool pops of art to really drive that surfer feel home. The home now is a great reflection of the area [...]

Southern-Style Wedding at Maravilla Gardens in Southern California

March 19, 2019

Carly and Ryan were originally set to be wed at Triunfo Creek Vineyards. But sadly, after the Malibu fires just one week before their Big Day, the couple had to search for another venue. Thankfully, they landed on the beautiful Maravilla Gardens for a day that went off without a hitch, planned by Feathered Arrow. [...]

Neutral Manhattan Beach Wedding Inspiration for Southern California Brides

February 15, 2019

There’s nothing quite as romantic as the ever-restless sea… the tides, the shifting sands, the delivery of unmatched sunset backdrops. Maybe it’s why many of us look to the ocean to celebrate love. This beautiful editorial, planned and designed by Shannon Leahy and captured by Larissa Cleveland, is all of the above wrapped into one and [...]

Timeless California Backyard Wedding Planned in Under 3 Months

February 4, 2019

Oh California, you slay me. Does it really get any more perfect than scenes like this and that golden light? While you might want to frantically scroll to the credits to find this stunning ‘venue’, you won’t find it. This fete was held at the Bride’s parents’ home and not to mention, all planned in just a [...]