A 70’s Hippie Inspired Kid’s Birthday Party!

July 11, 2018

I’m in the midst of planning my daughter’s 10th birthday – and if you’ve been a fan of SMP for any length of time, you know that I spend an embarrassing amount of time on my childrens’ birthday parties (Audrey’s 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th) – so we’ve been going round and round on what this year’s theme is. I [...]

Spanish Inspired Wedding Hosted at So Cal’s Rancho Valencia

July 7, 2018

After getting cozy in Sposto Photograpahy’s first wedding today (PS. they are taking over SMP so make sure to check out Insta for even more pretty), we’re moving things Stateside with this SoCal celebration photographed to artful perfection. It’s warm and intimate and real and filled with details that are equal parts editorial and entirely [...]

Manhattan Nursery Inspired by Leslee Mitchell’s Car Series

June 27, 2018

Funny story. The other day, I was chit chatting it up with the sweetest chica ever, Leslie Mitchell, about her work and the incredibly cute/chic/all-good-things line of fine art prints that she has in her shop (please look, you will die) and she mentioned that the Car Series was her favorite (mine too). She then [...]

Magnificent Austria Wedding Inspired by The Sound of Music

June 13, 2018

From the Bride… LUCK, What is it? Where do we find it? Does it Find Us? Or Is it always present and we just help nurture it along into something magical, transformative and unforgettable? In essence were we creating LUCK ourselves? For Us it will forever be all of the ABOVE, and Our Wedding was [...]

Rustic Wedding Styles Inspired by Copper

June 6, 2018

From the inspiration team… In our local market we are lucky enough to have several beautiful venues like Rapid Creek Cidery that provide a space for our clients visions to flourish. This gorgeous space inspired us to take on the challenge of two styled shoots in the same day! We wanted to show how certain elements [...]