5 Reasons a Hotel Wedding is Right for You

December 8, 2018

We know that planning your big day can seem like an overwhelming ball of emotions, but we promise it gets easier once you choose the right venue to help guide you through the process. Why? Because finding that perfect locale can take away about three hundred years of stress, especially if it’s a hotel that [...]

Colorful + Whimsical Wedding Done Oh So Right in Phoenix, Arizona!

October 3, 2018

We’ve noticed that there are a lot of colorful weddings going on in the SW regions of the US. And as much as the all-white or blush and neutral weddings fill our pages, you have to know that we LOVE weddings with brilliant color! Here’s the thing. It can be downright difficult to get the [...]

Brunch Done Right with Cuisinart

August 27, 2018

What is the very first thing you did when you got engaged? Try on dresses? Book your venue? Instagram the news? Want to know what I did. I registered. For all of the amazing kitchen-ness I had always dreamed of. Because the thought of stocking my apartment with a stand mixer and a blender and [...]

A Coastal Farmhouse in White Done SO Right

July 16, 2018

I’m grateful to live in an area where we get the best of both worlds… you can stop at a farm stand on a drive to the beach. I don’t think I could ever give that up. And when it comes to translating that style to your home—coastal farmhouse sure is winning right now. Just [...]

From Texas to New York: Another SWIPE RIGHT Success Story

July 6, 2018

Jacob and I met on none other than TINDER when the app was in its infancy. We knew from the moment we ‘swiped right’ that something special was in the air and have been inseparable ever since we locked eyes! Jacob proposed to me at our home in Dallas in the most perfect, intimate, profession [...]