A Romantic Camp Lucy Wedding Beneath Enchanting Live Oaks

November 11, 2018

A place close to home in the heart of Texas with the essence of a far-away destination – AKA, the perfect recipe for Ashley and Clay’s dream venue. Safe to say the bride and groom (who by the way are the absolute CUTEST) got exactly what they wished for at Camp Lucy in Austin’s enchanting [...]

Romantic Ghanaian and Jewish Fusion Winery Wedding

October 23, 2018

Okay, my heart is on overdrive from this abundantly joyous California winery wedding! Fallon and Jeremy’s romantic, whirlwind-of-blush wedding was also a beautiful mix of their backgrounds being Jewish and Ghanaian. Another detail that I’m obsessed with is what Fallon chose to do in lieu of the traditional bouquet toss… read the deets below! Continue reading [...]

A Romantic Tuscan Inspired Wedding at Malibu’s Cielo Farms

October 16, 2018

Imagine the uber romantic Tuscan countryside, now plop those alfresco vibes in Malibu and you get this wildly romantic celebration crafted by Two Hearts Event Design. It’s florals on top of florals by XO Bloom, paired with Malibu views and all the gorgeous imagery to back it up photographed by Jenny Quicksall. Catch it all right here, [...]

9 of the Most Romantic, Low Key Ways to Propose Ever

October 1, 2018

When I was dating my now husband, the most romantic proposal I’d ever seen was one without any pomp or circumstance. It was from the movie Stepmom (I realize I’m dating myself here) and Ed Harris crawls into bed with Julie Roberts and gifts her a ring box with a spool of thread inside. Having [...]

Serendipity + Fate Leads to This Romantic Wedding at Cairnwood

September 18, 2018

It all began the summer of 2003… Sounds like the perfect intro for a romance novel, right? And although Katy and Hunter’s romance is a mere fifteen years old (about the age they were when they first fell in love!), their story, as well as their wedding day, is packed with personality and filled with [...]