Mediterranean-Inspired Wedding at a Country Estate in Marbella, Spain

January 11, 2019

There’s something about Spain that screams for a bit of bohemian love, and today’s fete from A Very Beloved Wedding and Ashley Ludaescher is all the proof we need. From the charming country estate to the Bride’s delicate, lace-adorned dress to the poolside reception that knocks it out of the park… it gets a 10 on [...]

Glamorous Floral Wedding in Marbella, Spain

October 8, 2014

You will for sure be dreaming of Spain once you scroll through these images by Sandoval Studios Photography. The flowers by Pedro Navarro are big and bountiful, the colors the softest shade of pastel and the overall design by Romance Weddings is glam to the orous. And then there’s the dress – oh that gorgeous creation by Chaviano Couture. Have [...]

Garden Romance in the South of Spain

May 6, 2014

Spain is bringing it right now. Or more precisely, this destination wedding in the South of Spain with dreamy photography by Joseba Sandoval is bringing it. And these just might be the prettiest nuptials ever, ever. A Claire Pettibone floral gown, garden glamour details by Mar Sandoval like you wouldn’t believe and all with a layer of undeniable romance. [...]

Marbella, Spain Wedding from Romance Weddings by Sandoval Studios

October 19, 2013

We see a lot of weddings here at SMP, but this one has struck me in a way I can’t explain. It’s layer upon layer of Spanish-style pretty with photos from Romance Weddings by Sandoval Studios that scream world elegance in the loveliest of ways. As smitten as me? Not to worry — there’s lots more waiting [...]

A Mini-Guide to Ibiza, Spain

October 10, 2013

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Ibiza. One summer, back in high school, two of my best friends took off on a whirlwind month long European vacation. For a multitude of different reasons I was, unfortunately, unable to join them. Though they visited a number of different cities, Ibiza is one [...]