An NHL Player Weds a UCLA Volleyball Player in a Colorful Affair at Terranea Resort

December 18, 2018

This bride’s unique style couldn’t be defined by the typical terms we’ve all heard before – so she made her own! It’s called coastic, a little bit of rustic with a side of the sea… and girl, we’re alllllll for it. Not only are these two ridiculously beautiful but they’re also amazing athletes – the [...]

Flowers Are Strung From the Heavens in This Cameilla Gardens Affair

November 10, 2018

Aside from the sweetest Bride + Groom ever, the first thing you will probably notice about this North Carolina affair are the insanely pretty florals designed by Sweet T Flowers. From the bouquets to suspended blooms over the reception tables, this day packs a serious flower punch. And Jake + Heather have the photographic proof. Head to the [...]

The Most Classic of Classics Hudson Valley Affair at The Ankony Carriage House

November 6, 2018

Once in awhile the most magical wedding comes along that has too many gorgeous images to properly edit down. This Hudson Valley affair so beautifully captured by Jen Huang is one of those gems. And it’s a big post but soooo worth diving into. Masterminded by Claudia Hanlin of The Wedding Library, with flowers galore by Fleurs NYC,  [...]

If You Loved Father of the Bride, You’ll Be All In With This Backyard Affair

October 30, 2018

Father of the Bride is hands down my most favorite movie and it has everything to do with that perfect at-home wedding. This celebration has that exact feel. It’s stunning, cozy and home-cooked with beautiful imagery by Clary Pfeiffer, coordination by J Detailed Events and florals by HMR Designs. So, if you love backyard celebrations with [...]

Beauty is in the Details of This Alfresco Affair at Oatlands Plantation

October 23, 2018

Undeniable fact: this alfresco wedding captured by Lisa Zeising for Abby Jiu Photography is gorgeous. Every last floral-filled inch will make your heart skip a beat. But when you really start to peel back the layers, you’ll find the cutest personalized details tucked inside. Things like a paper floral seating card wall, a liquid courage cart [...]